History of an Irish Voiceover

In 2016 I took a leap of faith and left a career in the management of Hi-Tech companies to pursue my lifelong passion for the performing arts. Since then, I have been a professional artist working in voice, stage and screen. I did a B.A. Degree in Drama & Theatre with University College Cork. I graduated with first-class honors. I co-founded Hubcap Theatre Company, and toured our highly successful comedy play, “The Parish” around Ireland. 

In 2019 I started self-producing as a voice artist. I quickly realized that this was the perfect career for me. It combined my acting skills and love of performance with my strong technical skills. Since then I have honed my audio-production skills, built a professional level sound studio and undertook multiple training course in voiceover. 

The clients I work with are looking for a unique slant in the saturated world of media.  They need a “distinctive voice” that stands out from the crowd. Audiences are drawn to the authentic conversational voice of ‘real’ people. That is what I deliver to them. 

Research has found that the Irish accent is considered to be the friendliest, most attractive in the English language. “Every time an Irish person speaks, it’s a sweet symphony to the ears, one that you wish would never ever finish. It crackles like a smoking log-wood fire… The Irish voice is comforting. It’s not so smooth that it’s intimidating, but with the lilt and the lift of the words, it’s like being rocked gently in a boat at sea. Comforting and safe.” (Megan Dye – TheTab.com 2015)

If you need a complete voiceover service from a trained actor with a distinctive, warm and dynamic conversational delivery. Someone with a strong talent for character and comedic acting and accents.