Children’s audiobook narration

Children's audiobook narration

Irish Children’s Audiobook Narrator

Children’s audiobook narration holds a special place in my heart. Being the father of three grown up children, I miss the joy of reading stories to them at bedtime. I guess that’s why I was drawn to children’s audio book narration. It gives me a chance to relive that joy. It gives me comfort to be able to share the gift of storytelling to children all over the world. When I narrate a child’s book, I imagine reading it to my you children an they are snuggled up in their beds. Once a father always a father. I bring a fatherly read to children audiobook reading. I am blessed with a gentle, calming voice which suits this genre. I also love bringing characters to life. It is something I have done all my life on stage and screen. Being a trained actor has given me the tools to bring a character to life, to put flesh on their bones. It could be a dinosaur or a wicked witch or a just a little boy. I always find a way to humanise and bring to life the character. I particularly love drawing our the comedy in a story. Children’s story books should be a fun experience and it is the responsibility of the reader to make it fun. Even scary creatures can be fun!     

Children’s audiobook narration is an art with some golden rules. And rule number one is “Never rush it!” People often think that reading really fast adds drama to a story. But actually, slowing it down will add so much more texture to a narration. The trick is to read slower than feels natural. The difference it makes by taking a few moments to enjoy what you’re reading may be minuscule to the reader, but it can make a huge difference to the child who’s listening.

When done well, reading a children’s book can have magical powers. Not only do books enable children to discover new worlds, learn about the past and better understand both themselves and other people, but also reading to them regularly has been proven to strengthen language, vocabulary and critical thinking for life. To me, reading books for children is a noble calling. I’m glad to be part of the world of children narration. It keeps me going until I get to read to my future grandchildren!

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